WW1 military cemetery: Veľká Poľana – Rotunda

There are 340 soldiers buried at the war cemetery Veľká Poľana I. – Rotunda. Originally cemetery consisted of 310 war graves, of which 298 individual graves and 12 common graves. Since the scheme of cemetery didn’t preserved, it is not possible to identify location of original graves. There are symbolical crosses placed in this war cemetery.

Approximately 1000 soldiers are buried in the district of Veľká Poľana and only 210 Austro-Hungarian soldiers are known. We managed to track down their names in the registry book of the village. Most of them are buried in this particular cemetery.

Today the municipality of Stakčín is responsible for this war cemetery. Its gradual reconstruction started in 2008 by volunteers from the Association of Friends of the Eastern Carpathians and Hunting Association “Deer”. The current look of war cemetery Veľká Poľana I. – Rotunda is result of the complete renovation, which was done by the Military History Club “Beskydy”, Association of Soldiers – Club Humenné and Hungarian association “Krajczáros Alapítvány” in 2011/2012.

There is also another monumental war cemetery Veľká Poľana II.- Hodošík situated above the village on the Hodošík Hill. It is the highest point war cemetery in Slovakia (851 meters above sea level). The historical chronicle of Veľká Poľana village mentioned also the third war cemetery at the top of the Magura Hill where should be located three mass graves. The existence of this war cemetery wasn’t confirmed yet.